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I have an employee whom voluntarily stopped working October 2013.  He said his wife needed to go to a hospital in Wisconsin for medical reasons and he had to go with her - he didn't know how long it would take or when he could come back.  Of course we wanted him to keep working, but allowed him to go (given the circumstances).

He just contacted me a week ago and wanted to know if he still had his job.  While he was gone he got into a car accident and got injured.  He said he had to go back to the doctor to see if he could get released for work.  I told him to stop in to see me Thursday after his visit with the doctor.

It is Wednesday and I just received a notice for a "Monetary Determination" from the state, for unemployment to begin as of four days ago.  He was told he has a job here, yet yet he filed before coming in to speak with me to let me know his status.  He lied to the state for his reason for claiming unemployment, stating that our company "temporary shut down."

Can he draw unemployment after he voluntarily left his job (for the reason stated) and/or draw unemployment if his injury which occurred while not working is preventing him from working now?

You need to contact the Unemployment office and let them know what is going on with this former employee. He should not be allowed to draw unemployment.  He was told he had a job and turned it down. He cannot draw anyway because he quit volluntarily. He will be allowed to draw by default if you do not challenge the claim.


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