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I bought an item off our companies website. It was priced at zero. Yes it was listed at zero dollars. It was delivered and I wasn't charged for it. Now the company is going to fire me because I didn't tell them about this error. They said it caused other customer orders not to be filled. How is this my responsibility to let them know of this error? I only work in the warehouse and fulfill the orders that customers make. I did not steal it and I ordered like any other customer would and like other items I have in the past. Can they really fire me because I didn't let them know of this error? Help

Thank you

Wayne - Employers do not need a good or fair reason for firing employees, unless there is a union contract limiting the reasons for terminating employees.  Yes, you can be fired for their own incompetence, and there is no cause of action available to you that is called "wrongful termination."  We don't have that in this country with a very few exceptions.

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