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Our company has recently implemented a strict attendance policy. We are to clock in by no later than 10 minutes and no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of our shift. The problem is that the time clock is between 6-7 minutes fast. We were told to change all of our household and personal clocks and to go by the timeclock and not the "real" time. I find this to be ridiculous. They have attempted to fix the timeclock but for whatever reason it defaults back to the wrong time. I understand "accounting" for the discrepancy in times, but to be told to "live" by the incorrect time is absurd. Is there anything I can do? I am employed in the state of North Dakota.

Leora - no, there is nothing you can do.  Your employer cannot make you change all of the clocks in your home, but you can be required to obey the timekeeping rules the company has instituted.  Think of your work hours as they are reflected on the time clock, not as your watch or the radio show them.

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