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My husband recently retired.  My healthcare was thru his former employer.  In order to change my healthcare from his previous employer to the public employee system that I retired from, I was required to submit a letter of termination of the policy coverage.  The company handling the retirement process for my husband's company stated that they could not provide the letter until AFTER he retired.  They stated it was against HIPAA laws to provide it prior to his retirement date.

The public employee system, however, insisted that they needed the letter to process my application and begin the healthcare on the day after my other coverage ended.  Consequently, my healthcare will not start with them until a month after it ends with my husband's former employer.  

It's hard to understand how giving a letter to me with my own personal information could violate HIPAA laws.  Is this company correct in stating that they are not legally able to provide the letter until after his official retirement date?

Also, if I may ask another question - is there any recourse when you have been told that your hours are being cut from 32 to 30 due to Obamacare requirements that would entitle an employer to provide healthcare if they did not reduce the hours.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise!

It is not against HIPAA laws to send a letter of termination for insurance purposes.

There is no recourse for cutting hours. If you are working 30 hours you are still eligible for health insurance under the Obamacare it is anyone working 30 hours or more. They would have to cut your hours to 29 hours and have a policy that says the insurance covers anyone working 30 hours or more.


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