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I work for a behavioral hospital and have a couple of questions.  My employer has mandated that we the employees have 24 hours to come in and correct any/all documentation errors.  If we do not come in within the 24 hours we will get written up.  We do not get paid for this.  I was specifically told today that I do not clock in for this.  The second question I have is mandatory education and meetings.  Do they count toward regular hours? If I work my 80 hours in a 2 week pay period and I have a 2 hour education class and a mandatory meeting that lasts 2 hours in that same pay period would that be paid as overtime??

Hello Mary,

I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, your question is beyond the scope of my knowledge. However, the following resources may be of assistance...

Finally, The Ohio Attorney General should be able to provide a complete answer to your question.

Again, I apologize for the delay and hope you find the answer to your very important question.

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