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May I, as an employer, tell my employees that they cannot discuss their pay amongst other employees or else they will lose their job?  I am from Michigan.

It is illegal for you to tell your employees that they will lose their job if they discuss their pay with other co workers. It is not legal for you or a supervisor to tell someone's wages but if the employee talks about it to others it is his constitutional right.

The National Labor Relations Act says that employers cannot prevent employees from discussing wages and working conditions among themselves. The idea is that employees need to be free to organize, and preventing them from discussing these topics would prevent them from organizing.

(There are some exceptions to this though. An employer can prohibit these discussions from taking place during times when people are supposed to working. And while employees can freely share information about their pay with other employees, they wouldn’t be protected by the law if they obtained information about other employees’ pay through files known to be off-limits to them or if they get others to break access restrictions and give them confidential information. In other words, Tom can tell you how much he makes, but getting the bookkeeper to tell you how much Tom is making wouldn’t be protected by the law.)

However, the law only applies to discussions within the organization. An employer can prohibit employees from discussing salary outside the organization.

It would be legal for them to discuss in the break room but not on social media.


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