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My husband is the store manager at our families business. His father is the owner of the store. Today my father in law called my husband to tell him that he is not allowed to have a male and a female employee work alone at the store together. He will not allow my husband to have 3 employees on the clock working if only 2 are needed so he wants my husband to take the female employees off the schedule on days when only one employee and manager are needed (both managers are male). My father in law said having 3 employees on the clock for a slow day would increase payroll too much. He wants him to have a male employee replace them. He said its to protect the store from possible sexual harassment issues. My husband and I feel like this is unethical. I understand he wants the female employees to be safe at work but they shouldn't have their hours cut in order to do so. That seems like the store is favoring male employees which I think would be an even bigger law suit. What are we suppose to do? Do what the boss says and cut female hours to have them only work on busy days? Is it even legal for him to do this?

If this were pushed by someone with the EEOC and Department of labor it would be a gender discrimination case and could result in a large lawsuit.  Men and women work together all the time in convenience stores with no problems. If he has a problem with an employee he should address that employee and that problem not punish all the workers of the female gender.

One way to solve this would be to hire older females that are less likely to be involved in a sexual harrassment lawsuit.

Another way would be to install cameras in the store. This way you would also catch shoplifters as well as any illegal activity which could be nipped in the bud before a lawsuit. It takes a lot for a sexual harassment lawsuit, not so much for a discrimination lawsuit which is much worse and easier to prove.


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