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I currently am employed by the USPS as a rural carrier. A few days ago I was put on restrictions by my doctor because of my back. A previous injury (fractured by a chiropractor) has been made worse by my pregnancy, and my doctor has given a list of restrictions to my superiors. The restrictions were evaluated by the company nurses in Knoxville, and I was told I could not be cleared for work in any way, shape, or form until the restrictions were lifted by my doctor. I believe that my doctor intends to keep the restrictions in place until I can be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and put through the necessary physical therapy (unknown how long that will last/take). I am wondering what I can do in this situation regarding our income. Do I qualify for short-term disability? Or unemployment, even though I am technically employed? How do I go about applying for aid, if there is any to be had?

Hello Christopher,

I apologize for the delay as well.

I must remind you of this...
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That said, your situation is beyond the scope of my knowledge. I do have a question and comment however...

1) Are you a member of a USPS union with a CBA agreement?
2) It appears that the employment "Bermuda Triangle" may apply:
ADAAA (Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act)
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)
Workers’ Compensation

If it were me, it would be time to seek legal counsel to advise me on the best way to navigate this process.

I hope this helps,
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