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I am a 55 year old male with metabolic syndrome. My numbers are OK now but I want to lose weight and get better eating habits.
I dont over eat and I am active, but I have always had a big bowel of sweetened cereal for breakfast, albeit usuall high fibre.
My wife has a friend that says big carb breakfasts are a no no, especially for someone like me, because insulin levels are highest in the morning, so much of those carbs gets stored as fat. She says the way to go is unsweetened yogurt and some fruit or lean meat.
What do you think?
I tried it yesterday and although I am not checking the scale yet,
I made it through the day fine-in fact I had less appetite than usual.

Hi Bud,

 For those of us who have impaired glucose metabolisms, high-carb meals in general are a really bad idea. Ideally, you should restrict your intake to no more than about 30 grams of carb per meal (it would be 15 if you were in fact diabetic.)

 An ideal breakfast for you would be what your friend suggested, or an egg-white omlet with some added veggies, lean meat if you're a meat eater. You'll find that you stay satisfied much longer. That's why diets like the Atkins and South Beach work so well -- protein keeps you satisfied. (you could try the Atkins diet to lose weight, but if you do, follow their instructions TO THE LETTER.)

Hope this helps.


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