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Hi barb,

I have type 2 diabetes and pcos. I know I need to exercise, but am severely over weight (5'3, 270 lbs). I cannt afford a gym membership. I have problems w my knees. What can and should I do fir exercise and how long/ often. I want to lose wt to be healthier, but don't want to damage my knees.

Hi Debbie,

 Your problem is a common one. We need to exercise to lose weight, but our weight puts stress on the knees, which makes it hard to exercise to lose weight.....

 I have found that for people who have knee problems, water exercise is the way to go.  Is there a public pool you can use without paying a membership fee? You didn't say what part of California you live in, but are you close to the beach?

If you have a pool or beach you can use, you can start by walking in the water. As you walk, ball your fists and "punch" the water as fast as you can. Do this for 45 minutes, three times a week. This will be a lot easier than walking on land, because the water will take 60% of the weight off your knees and feet.

After about two weeks, increase the speed of your walking.  Continue this way, increasing your speed every couple of weeks.

Hope this helps.


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