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I have 3 monitors..a Freestyle Lite that I've had for a few years, a Bayer Contour that Medicare gave me last year & an Accu-Chek Aviva Plus  that Medicare gave me this year (government waste).  The newest one has recently been registering about 50 or so points more than it used to; I decided to compare to the other two...the two older ones are about the same (maybe 5 or 6 points apart) and the new Accu-Chek consistently runs 50 or more points higher.  I called Accu-Chek & they sent me control solution, which shows everything is fine.  The Bayer one also registers fine with control solution.  The strips are not outdated, so any ideas? Thanks.  BTW, I've tried 3 times to send this & the "spam answers" are very difficult to read & so I hope it goes this time.

I don't know.... this is actually outside my expertise (diet and exercise for type 2 diabetics), but I suspect that it's whether the meter is calibrated to whole blood or plasma concentrations of glucose. I know the Contour and Freestyle are calibrated to plasma concentrations. But 50 points is a ridiculous discrepancy.

What I do is whenever I visit the doc for my A1c test, I do a meter test within 5 minutes and compare the reading I get to the reading the lab gets. You could try that... IF your doctor will give you your actual blood glucose reading as well as your A1c.

If you decide to ditch the new meter, will Medicare pay for strips for the old one? Or will you be stuck mentally subtracting 50 points every time?

Yep. Gotta love government run health care..... NOT.

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I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I can answer general questions on diet, exercise, blood glucose monitoring for TYPE 2 diabetes ONLY. I CANNOT answer general endocrinology questions, nor can I interpret test results. I can't offer advice on type 1 diabetes.


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