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Hi Barb!  My Dr. thinks I may be pre-diabetic.  I'm an athlete and I consume a whey protein shake after every workout, and I typically workout twice a day...2 protein shakes/day.  

It is unclear to me whether this is "bad" for pre-diabetcs as I am unsure if this whey protein spikes insulin, and if that (spiking insulin) is even necessarily a bad thing.  I was told to avoid foods with a high glycemic index, like white bread, etc.

I appreciate your help.

James Hancock

Hi James,

 A study in a leading medical journal suggests that, in fact, whey protein does cause blood glucose to spike. This may be especially true if you are doing "add ins" in your protein shakes such as fruits, peanut butter, etc.

Try switching to soy protein and see if that helps.


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