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hi there Barb
I recently was told I am in Pre-diabetes. I barely passed my AC1 test and was told I need to make some changes to my diet.
I am a carb addict and potatoes so now in paying attention to my diet I am seeing how negatively carbs are working with my body. I tend to handle a sugary treat better then I do carbs.
This is all so complicated. But I am doing all I can to live healthy.
My question to you is Breakfast.. it should be a no brainer on what to eat, but I am not a big fan of breakfast. I do not like eggs at all and I notice most diabetic recipes use a lot of eggs.  this is hard for me because I really cannot eat them . I was wondering if you had any breakfast suggestions I could do or use instead?
I am currently not on any medications for diabetes. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos, and my vitamin levels were all severely off so we are working on those first before addressing my pre-diabetes. I am really hoping to manage myself with just diet and exercise.

Hi Tiffany,

 Good for you for trying to avoid full-blown diabetes. I'm sorry you don't like eggs, as they're a great source of protein.

Other options: a bacon and cheese or sausage and cheese sandwich made with ONE slice of high fiber whole grain bread.  Cheese and an apple. Peanut butter and an apple.  Greek yogurt (try to avoid the carby stuff). High protein cereal like Special K, with almond milk. You should avoid soy milk, because it can interfere with your thyroid function.

The main thing is to try and limit your carb intake to 35 grams per meal, no more than 150 grams total per day.

Good luck.

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