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hi barb, i have metabolic syndrome that is caused by years of eating too much refined sugar and processed carbs. what kind of diet would solve this problem and why is it so hard to lose weight. i have been at 320 pounds for weeks. by the way im 6ft tall. i did however lose 60 pounds but i believe this was water retention. here is my bloodwork and i appreciate if you can give me information that will help bring my weight down. thanks.

triglycerides  148 range <150
glucose  82 range 65-99
a1c 6.0 range <5.7

Hi Christopher,

It's good that you have decided to take action on this before it gets to full-blown type 2 diabetes. Thanks for asking excellent questions.

The best diet would be one that is heavy on lean protein (baked or broiled chicken or fish, limited red meat) and green or yellow vegetables. Fill up on veggies! Limit your carbohydrate intake to 100 grams per day, no more than 35 grams at any one meal. Those carbs should be complex carbs, high in fiber --- for example, 1 slice of high fiber bread, or one packet of instant oatmeal. Foods to avoid: pasta, white potatoes (a small sweet potato is fine, because they are high fiber), rice, sugar, white bread.

Read food labels, and watch out for hidden carbs! For example, an 8 ounce glass of skim milk has 12 grams of carb.

Are you able to exercise? If you can, start out by walking 20 minutes every day, fast enough to make you breathe hard. If you are able to do more than that, consider weight lifting. Here's why: muscle mass burns more glucose than fat does. As your muscles increase, you should see your A1c come down.

If you aren't able to walk for 20 minutes, do you have access to a pool? Walking in the pool is just as effective without stressing your joints.

As for why it's so hard to lose weight, metabolic syndrome and diabetes make the body want to hold onto body fat. I don't think anyone knows why this is so. The only way to defeat it is diet, exercise, and eternal vigilance. (Bummer)

I hope this helps.


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