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Mexican food (burritos, tortillas etc), Chinese food (rice, egg rolls etc) and Italian food(pizza, pasta) at restaurants are loaded with carbs. If someone has diabetes, do they pretty much have to avoid eating out at these places?
And I'm sure it's not good to do because of a huge spike, but can a diabetic ever cheat and eat most of their daily carbs at one time (high carb meal)if they don't eat any the rest of the day?  Thanks


 Well, Mexican restaurants, you can always order things like arroz con pollo and limit the amount of the rice you eat. Italian places often have dishes like chicken piccata, eggplant parm, etc, that aren't too carb-y. Chinese food , again, just limit the rice and avoid thick sauces (they're usually thickened with cornstarch.)

 I find the best approach to be planning ahead. Whenever possible, I'll look up a restaurant online and see if their  menu is online. If it is, I look for dishes that are lower in carbs. (Just to add another level of complexity, I'm also a vegetarian, which limits my choices even more).

As fot "cheat" days.... they're OK as long as you don't do it too often. Once a month is ok, once a week no.

Hope I've helped.

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