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hi barb, im trying to lose weight but I have this wacky appetite.  I currently did lose 80 pounds so far. I know I have insulin resistance because of the results on my blood test. I crave junk food and processed food as well. right now im plateauing and I want to lose more weight. what can I do to get past this plateau and stop craving junk foods. thanks.

Hi Christopher,
 What kind of exercise are you doing? It's hard to lose weight with diet alone. If you are not currently exercising, start! Start out slowly, by walking for 20 minutes every day. You should walk fast enough that it makes you breathe hard and sweat a little. Do this for two weeks. After two weeks, increase the time to 30 minutes.

I have heard that chromium picolinate supplements help with junk food cravings, but have never tried it. Again, I think the answer is baby steps. Choose to eliminate JUST ONE junk food (for example, french fries) from your diet. Do that for one month. After a month, eliminate another one.... and so on.

Good luck.

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