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I'm trying to lower my blood glucose so have cut way back on carbs, but now I've gotten too thin and need to gain some weight (pasta used to be my 'go to'). I'm vegetarian and eat lots of nuts, use olive oil a lot, but not sure what I can eat that is high in calories without being too unhealthy. I don't want to go crazy on high fat foods, like cheese. And are you aware of La Favorita Tortilla Chips? They are Walmart and other stores. Chips are usually  considered 'bad' with high fat/carbs, but these are low in fat, only 9 grams of carbs for one serving of ten chips and are $2.00 for a large bag. I can't find much wrong with them, but maybe there is.  Thanks

I'm not familiar with that brand of chips. Do you like yogurt? Greek yogurt, if you get the 2% instead of the nonfat, can be a good source of protein. Get the plain and add your own fruit. Or you could get the kind with fruit already in it, but I find their fruit artificial tasting.  

Peanut butter on celery is good. Oddly enough, sweet potatoes are a good choice because they're high fiber and low glycemic index. Black beans are good too, for the same reason.  

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