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My husband is trying to reduce his insulin spikes, not only to get a handle on his pre-diabetes, but to lose weight. He is one of those people for whom carbohydrates cause a huge insulin surge, resulting in fat storage, even though he is not a big eater and gets lots of exercise.
He finds a low carb diet works well, but if he eats dairy, especially cheese, he bloats up and weight loss stalls. He is not lactose intolerant-lactose free dairy has he same effect. I am finding mixed info on the relationship between dairy and insulin. Some say its good, some say it causes a big insulin spike, mostly because of the whey. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Susan,

  I think there may be multiple things going on here. First, if he's drinking skim milk, that may be contributing. Skim milk has about 12 grams of carbohydrate per 8 ounce glass, as opposed to whole milk, which has considerably fewer. You might want to consider whole milk, as the fat helps to slow down the absorption of the few carbs it does have. Ditto for other low fat dairy products.Opt for the full fat versions.

 As to cheese.... most cheeses are high in sodium, which could cause water retention (hence bloating and weight loss stall.)  If he's eating pasteurized processed cheese, that tends to be high in sodium AND carbohydrates.  I'm familiar with the studies regarding whey and blood sugar / insulin spikes, and I've certainly found it to be true for myself. However, there's a saying in the diabetic community: "your mileage may vary."  Every diabetic is different, so what's true for me may not be for him.

I hope this helps.


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