Endometriosis/Endo recurrence?


I had laparoscopic surgery to remove cyst from my left ovary and severe endometriosis 4 months ago. Last month was my first monthly period without agonising pain. Last night I had a severe dull aching on my right side and intercourse is slightly painful now too

I'm contemplating going back to my doctor and asking for a repeat ultrasound just to check all is ok but surely after just 4 months I shouldn't be having problems again.

I'm at my wits end, low because of this. I feel I can't take much more.  Don't want to keep going through operations for this :-;(

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Hello and happy new year,
I am sorry to learn of your recurrent symptoms; as unfortunate as this development is, it is not in the least unusual. If the disease was not excised and the cyst merely drained, it is completely feasible to consider the possibility of remaining disease continuing to cause problems.  An ultrasound may indicate presence of a new/recurrent endometrioma, but it is unlikely to show any rectovaginal or other active disease. An MRI is more highly sensitive/specific; ultimately, however, only surgery will prove presence of disease.  If surgery is indicated (repeat surgery is very common in endometriosis due to failed prior treatments including incomplete surgery, as you may have possibly experienced yourself), be sure to choose a surgeon who will excise and completely cut out all disease vs. ablation or vaporization, both highly ineffective means of surgical treatment.  You can interact with others and learn more/obtain recommendations for a new physician to seek secondary opinions from here: https://www.facebook.com/EndoResCenter You may also be interested in our free records review; outlined here: http://centerforendo.com/index.htm  Best wishes and speedy healing to you!


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