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...love Maegan wrote at 2009-06-29 20:11:31
I know this was ages ago but I just stumbled upon it.

I get it too ...about every three months and the pain is so bad, it can only be similar to labor pain....and it's only relieved after bowel movements.  It's so painful I feel like I'm going to pass out.  It's the strangest thing.

I have been told I have slight endometriosis ..so that could be it ...sometimes I think it's a plumbing problem but since it happens every three months {or so it seems} it's almost as if my body is cycling through a change.  Weird.  

Have you had any changes since you posted this in 2006?

butlerlopez wrote at 2014-06-18 16:00:16
I can't believe what I'm reading! i am an RN, preparing to apply to med school and have rarely if ever seen this. I'm in the ER right now as a patient with exactly the same symptoms and frequency as you describe. Been bloated, pregnancy-like symptoms for a few days then BOOM! Worst pain ever, most intense for about 6 hr then several days to recover w gas, headaches, sore breasts, horrible lower back pain. Always happens right before my period. Also they didn't start until I began taking seasonal (ironically to control my ovarian cysts and endometriosis) when I get to the placebo week or if I miss more than 3-7 days this happens. Interestingly too, the ultrasound showed massive ants of gas in my abdomen. I had a c-sec 2 yr ago with my son (emergency) and that's likely when the endometrial tissue escaped the lining of the uterus and flooded my abdominal cavity. I had no idea this could happen in "attack" like pattern. Im so glad u posted this because the docs and nurses have no explanation and brush the symptoms off like its no big deal. But it is severely debilitating. The only treatment is pain and hormone control (which seemed to bring on the attacks, ugh) its sad to think of this disease as a cancer like metastasis. And being constantly on pain medication is no fun. Even without the attacks I still have consistent lower abd lower back pain that pain meds barely touch. I'm scheduling another laparoscopy to see if some of the adhesions can be removed for now. Please feel free to contact me with any other info or questions and I can keep you informed from the medical perspective. Email me anytime butlerlopez@gmail.com


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I do not possess any medical affiliation or education...I have, however, been diagnosed with Endo and have had severe pain since I was 13. I am now 50 and have tried it all...I am not close enough yet to menopause to rule out a painful period. I stopped all treatment of hormones due to harsh side effects. I have been through it all with this condition and can truely empathize with other sufferers.



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