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Mae Stephens wrote at 2006-09-06 19:04:16
In the past five years, 20 doctors and surgeons across the country have signed statements of serious concern about the Nezhats' surgeries and have called for an investigation. Dr. Camran Nezhat, Stanford clinical professor, recruited from his lucrative Atlanta practice, along with his brother gynecologists, Drs. Farr and Ceana Nezhat, are involved in a malpractice case that has been stuck in Atlanta courts for many years. The case could determine once and for all whether the Nezhats catapulted their careers to Stanford on the basis of a dangerous and grotesque medical fraud.

Camran and his brother Farr, with colorectal surgeon Dr. Earl Pennington assisting, spent hours using laparoscopic techniques to cut 28-year-old Stacey Mullen's colon and rectum free of nerves, blood vessels and connecting tissue. Her rectum was pulled inside out through her anus, and suspected endometrial tissue was removed. Her rectum was then pushed back inside. Then the complications began. Hours after surgery, part of her colon dropped out of her body as she sat on the toilet. For months, she suffered from extreme constipation. Sometimes she burped up her own feces. Mullen never regained normal use of her bowel. Eventually, she received a colostomy and must insert a tube into an opening in her side to go the bathroom.

Doctors Camran, Farr, and Ceanna Nazhat are all under investigation for their barbaric practices in "endometriosis treatments".

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Monique wrote at 2009-03-05 15:48:03
my ob/gyn is pretty compassionate and understanding about endometriosis.  mine is a male doctor though.  mine is pretty minor compared to what you've gone through, and what my mother's suffered with for 35 years.  sometimes just a fresh set of eyes is what it takes (that's how hers was diagnosed after YEARS of pain and complaining about it to her first ob/gyn).

my doctor's name is K. Anthony Shibley and he's with OB/GYN Specialists in burnsville and edina, MN.  he is NOT the kind of doctor who will rush through your exam and on to the next.  he cares about your overall health and he always takes time to talk with me after the exam, not necessarily about my reproductive health.  which i think is uncomfortable, but also really good because too often the doctor rushes in and makes you feel like you're wasting their time, and you don't ask questions you wanted to ask, or they slip your mind until after the doctor leaves.  i feel this little conversation afterwards, though awkward, gives me time to recover from the exam (it's one of the worst things we have to do i think!) and get my mind off of it, allowing any questions i may have had to pop back into my head before the doctor rushes off to another patient.

he's been my only ob/gyn.  i had a woman once while he was away for an extended time, but i didn't feel she was anywhere near as compassionate.  he also did my laparoscopy 5 years ago, and he stuck around for hours afterward while they monitored me before they'd release me.  i have low blood pressure and the anti-nausea meds made it dangerously low.  he came back and checked on me several times.

so, while i don't think he's necessarily an expert on endo, he's probably one of the better and more understanding docs i've ever dealt with or heard of.  and ob/gyn specialists is really the only clinic i've ever been to where i actually feel like everyone there is invested in my well-being.

i hope that helps, and i hope you've already found some relief!

tiffany wrote at 2012-03-13 22:12:26
I just saw Camran Nezhat and he is amazing! I was also on Femara for 1 year and 5 months and it killed my endo!

Elena wrote at 2013-02-12 21:47:09
Visit Dr. Camran Nezhat website:



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I`m a past volunteer concerning Endometriosis who has decided to return because of all the positive letters sent to me for the help, and hope I shared with many woman suffering with Endo in the past. I myself have Endometriosis, and for 26 years have had enough surgeries, medications, and pain to understand the most complex questions and concerns about the disease. I`m back to help with controlling this disease, and help put other womens pain, and suffering to rest. I will do my best.


I've suffered with the disease myself for 26 years and have given many women advice on medications and surgeries that have been, I'm happy to say, positive. Over the years I've received over 300 written letters from women suffering with this painful disease by helping them with their diets and giving a couple of them with advanced endo that resulted in very large ovarian masses timely advice concerning surgery that I'm very happy to say saved their lives. Endometriosis has been the dark shadow that follows me wherever I go. Always reminding me that it's there by experiencing extensive pain in the bowel, small intestine, Ovaries, kidneys, appendix, bladder, sciatic nerve, right thigh, and left elbow. I've undergone 4 surgeries which created more scar tissue and sadly a darker shadow. I've also gotten very use to my endo shadow and have learned to move away from it by changing my diet and not allowing the pain to stop me from living my life.

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