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Endometriosis/Endometriosis treatment by Diphereline


Rose wrote at 2013-04-29 06:27:39
Dear Karen,

I am a GP in Iran.Diphereline is the other name of Decapeptyle which is usually used for endometriosis treatment in our country.However I think Laparoscopy is the best way of Dx and Rx of endometriosis and in this age OCP would be better than GNRH agonists for preventening recurrence.


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Karen Brawner


I am not a doctor, but a mother of a 26 year old daughter who has Endometriosis... I will try to answer all of your questions regarding this very painfull disorder.


I try to help my daughter with her fight of not only Endometriosis, but with health care providers and specialist for Endometriosis treatment in getting her the proper medical help. It is not easy and I feel her pain every month.

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