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Endometriosis/severe gas with period


Jodi wrote at 2014-01-27 05:00:36
I have endo as well and just thought I would mention my symptoms are so much better after removing gluten from my diet. I experience far less pain and discomfort, breast tenderness, etc. And my periods seem to have regulated themselves for the most part. I have been Gluten free now for over a year and would say that I have regular menstrual symptoms, and wouldn't even know I had endo anymore if I didn't have the scope. It only took a few weeks to start feeling better, and there were so many other improvements as well with mental clarity, sleeping better, and having more energy. Just thought I would share, hopefully this helps someone else feel relief as well!  


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Martha Russell


I do not possess any medical affiliation or education...I have, however, been diagnosed with Endo and have had severe pain since I was 13. I am now 50 and have tried it all...I am not close enough yet to menopause to rule out a painful period. I stopped all treatment of hormones due to harsh side effects. I have been through it all with this condition and can truely empathize with other sufferers.



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