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jack duncan wrote at 2009-08-19 15:18:05
I received an offer from Ferrell, signed the lease and the draft for the money. I returned the signed copies for payment. They then cancelled the offer.

they said the offer was a mistake. Seems like we a had some type of contractual agreement.  My lawyer thinks so.

Landmom wrote at 2013-12-13 17:03:28
Any mineral owner selling mineral interests should beware of the insertion of a paragraph in the mineral deed that states - NOTWITHSTANDING, IT IS THE SPECIFIC INTENT OF THIS INSTRUMENT TO CONVEY ALL RIGHT, TITLE, AND INTEREST IN THE ABOVE DESCRIBED PROPERTY TO THE GRANTEE INCLUDING ANY AND ALL RESERSIONARY, ACCRETION AND RIPARIAN RIGHTS.  This paragraph is sometimes inserted below the statement showing the net mineral acres being conveyed and the legal description. If the grantor is conveying only a portion of their mineral interest, that paragraph conveys ALL that they own. Any company using that is unethical at best.

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