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I have a oil well on my land in Magnolia Ohio 44643. This is not wet gas. I have been using this gas for heating my home for 30 years with a natural gas furnace. The well produces 7 barrels of oil a week with 40 pounds of gas pressure on the separator. I also have a positive shutoff drip tank on my gas line going to the house. I was told a week ago from a farmer in Lowell Oh. 45744 That i need to change my furnace ORIFICES to RAW natural gas ORIFICES because natural gas from the well head is much hotter than the possessed natural gas line.  The oilfield people and furnace people around here said i am fine with my setup. Question! Does RAW natural gas have more BTU than possessed natural gas?

RAW nat gas would normally have more BTU than processed gas since the processing removes the heavier hydrocarbons.  A well could however have a lean gas or low BTU gas naturally occuring.  If you've been usin this gas for 30 years looks like you answered your own question.  If you look at your flame and its blue with a little yellow tipping thats good.  If its mostly yellow and you get black smoke out the flue, that's not so good.  You could havwe your gas analyzed and then you'd know exactly where you stand, but the flame test is still the bottom line.  I worked in Ky and the gas was 1250 BTU and I had to reduce the orifice size as the furnace was designed for 1000 BTU.  While the manufacturers indicate a specific BTU for the furnace there is a range of BTU values that will be OK.  
In any event sounds like you have a winner for a well

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