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My siblings and I are trying to establish proof of ownership of a mineral rights lease in North Dakota that was left to our mother (deceased) by her ex husband (deceased).  The leasing companies want to lease to us but they are asking for the ex husbands will and/or probate records in order to proceed.  We need these documents so that we, as heirs, can get the rights transferred to our names.  
So far we have been unable to locate these docs on our own.  The clerk in the county court has told us that we can search there in person. We live in California and it is prohibitive for us to get to North Dakota.
Do you think we should hire someone to search for us?  If so what type of person do you recommend?  Do you think we should hire an attorney? What specialty?
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Hello Marian.  I do suggest that you hire someone to do this search for you.  I think a landman could do a good job for you.  Once you locate the documents through a landman search, I would suggest that you hire an attorney to review these documents and help you through the leasing process.  If possible, you should hire an oil and gas attorney to help you.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.  

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