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In 1999 I inherited the mineral rights to land in Reeves County, TX (in Section 37, Block 1, H&GN RR Co. Survey, Abstract 360). I do not live in Texas and have little knowledge of the energy exploration business.  I have been learning on the fly, but there is much to learn.  
Since 1999 I have leased the mineral rights to various companies approximately 3 times, usually for $150-200 per acre. Earlier this year I agreed to lease for $2500 per acre and 25% royalty.  Two weeks ago I received an offer to buy my mineral rights for $6000 per acre. My inclination is to strike while the iron is hot.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts and advice about the pros and cons of sale versus lease, fair market price, legal considerations, etc.  
Thank you for your volunteer time!

Hello Caleb.  Things are hot in Reeves County right now!  A couple of articles you should read about mineral sales by mail can be found on these links:, and  This will give you a brief overview of concerns and what the law requires in these kind of transactions.

The decision to sell minerals is a personal one and is made for various reasons.  For example, $6,000 an acre in Reeves County is a good price, but it's not the best I have seen in Reeves.  I'm sure prices vary depending on where the minerals are located in the County.  One thing is sure though, whoever wants to buy the minerals is banking that it's going to make more money on the minerals over a period of time than is going to be paid to you.  If you sell the minerals, you will lose all rights to future bonus and royalties. If you need the money now, or think that this is the best offer that you are ever going to get and would like a lump sum of cash now, then selling perhaps makes sense in your situation.  If there is a horizontal well about to be drilled on your property, and you own a lot of minerals, then the decision to sell might not make sense.  It's just hard to say because it's such a personal decision.   

You can check whether a drilling permit has been issued for your property by going to the Texas Railroad Commission website, clicking on the online research link, and then checking for drilling permits.  You can also use the GIS map viewer there to look at your property and the surrounding properties to see what's going on. (I checked for you-Cimarex Energy has permitted horizontal locations all around you!).  I would guess that your property may well be the recipient of a horizontal well at some point).  

Good luck with your decision and let me know if you have any further questions.  

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