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Dear Mr McCall,

Thank you for your time. I recently inherited a small working interest on an oil well. Every month I get a bill from the drilling company. Most months I do not receive any income from the well and have paid much more in drilling fees then I have received. I can't keep subsidizing this well. What can/should I do?

Hello Jan. I have been in your situation before.  I solved my problem by offering to sell my interest back to the operator for a small sum.  I have also seen people just give their interest back to the operator if they became convinced there was no upside to the property. Contact the operator to see what its plans are for the property and if there is any interest in buying the interest back from you.  If there is no interest, send a notice to the operator that you propose the plugging of the well. If the operator  wants to continue operating the well it will be required to pay you the salvage value of your part of the equipment in the well, and you would make an assignment of the interest to the operator. Other than just holding on, or not paying the joint interest billings, I think you don't have many other options than what I've described.

Good luck Jan and let me know if you have any other questions.  

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