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Greetings from Ukraine!

While working on the history of the village of Dnipriany (former name Britany), which is situated on the lower Dniepre, Kherson Oblast, I found out an interesting fact which is coined with the village name. Officially the name "Britany" was explained as a derivative of the Slavonic root "briti" = shave. To my surprize, the Belorus language has a word "brytan", which means a man of strong constitution. It was not difficult to find the analogue in the Polish: "brytan" - a strong dog which comes from Britain. I evem found out Polish testimonials that the word has been coined by the Romans who imported dogs from Britain. Much more complicated looks the task to explain why the Ukrainian and Belorus warriors had been nicknamed "Brytan". The word was also used as a toponymic (villages, islands of the Dniepre).
Can you please give an advice on how to interpret those complicated transformations of the dog's name into the person's and toponymic? Any suggestions are most welcome.

I really dont know. There is a myth thet the British royals were from the lost tribe of Israel from the Hebrew word for circumcision ''Bris'' as the British royal men are all circumcised.
The English get the name from the Angles a Celtic tribe and this when the Germanic Saxons came to the Bristish Isles they became the Anglo Saxons.
The British are a mix of Germanic and Celts, I dont think there is much Slav in us. I think the British comes from the Roman 'Britas''

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