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Jianghan University wrote at 2015-09-09 05:20:12
Rule of thumb for informal verbs: 1.two part verb such as "go in",2. Irregular verb such as "buy, and 3.A phrase such as "lots of". Hope this helps.

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You can try me on any point of grammar and structure, or on vocabulary. English comes alive most in its usage, and I am very experienced with questions of that kind. One of the pleasures of teaching second-language English is when a student raises a point that I have never had to think about before. I work in British English, but have enough knowledge of American and other variations to be able to help. I'm afraid I don't have the time to to any proofreading, so would have to reject requests, and can't help with translations from other languages. Also, having two small children to keep me busy, questions asked at weekends may have to wait until Monday.


I have been teaching English for 20 years, on and off, and now run my own small school attached to a theatre and arts centre in Chelsea, London.

NATFHE (lecturers' and teachers' union)

University to BSc (Zoology) Certificate in TEFL, but mostly educated on the job.

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Literally hundreds of students over the years, as a teacher, many more as a Director of Studies, School Administrator and Director.
If you wish, you can check out my school at: www.theenglishschool.co.uk But please don't use this to ask questions - that's what Allexperts is for.

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