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hello please help,

can we ask " do i know you from before"  in sense of have we met before .. if no ! what can we use instead ?


"Do I know you (from somewhere)?"

"Have we met before?"

I think in the first one both persons who are talking to dont know each other and it's just a question of acquaintance, but in the second one one of them knows the other one, but pretends not to know. This can be a scenario and is usually in the sense of a joke.

"Don't I know you" can also be used. 'Have we met before' is also a good usage.

Both could be used in a tone of voice that suggests showing a cold shoulder. Equally, both could be said in a tone of voice that indicates interest in beginning or renewing an acquaintanceship.

It depends on the:
1. Situation
2. Person you are interacting with.  

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