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Hello dear Avani
I wish to become an IELTS examiner,so I need band 9 in speaking and writing and 8.5 in listening and reading.As for reading and listening I am quite sure I can get 8.5(I've practiced a lot).
However, for writing and speaking I would appreciate your advice,I WANT BAND 9 IN BOTH.
WRITING: I am crazy about English literature ;I have read Faulkner's ,Bronte's ...Joyce's works.(I have attended literary translation classes too).In order to get 9 in writing I try to imitate their styles in writing.
SPEAKING: As I am living in Iran there are not any English natives who I can talk to,but I've been talking to myself for 8 years!in fact,I record my voice and listen to it carefully.


There are a number of online exercises available for you to practice and improve on your Spoken skills.

It would be good to get in touch with an IELTS coach either in person or over the internet. If you wish to become an IELTS examiner, you should stick to the IELTS pattern. This would be the best way to get a score as high as you desire.

Having a craze and passion for English Literature is great however, to become an IELTS examiner, you must adhere to their way of speaking, writing and attempting English. Just like TOEFL, IELTS also has a standard pattern. Following this pattern will help you increase and improve your score.

Also, I would recommend that you attempt IELTS first.This would enable you to get a better grasp of what is required the most and what you can improve on and how.

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