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I just went online to do some curiosity searches. Is past particle a verb? Because somehow there was an explanation I found saying that it's not.
If it's true then what will be the verb be in this sentence?
I have talked to you.
If past participle is not a verb then what is the verb?
What is the difference from past tense and past participle?

Hey, Thanks in advance.



A participle is a word having the characteristics of a verb and an adjective.  A past participle is a participle expressing completed action.  

In the sentence "He painted the broken chair,"  The word "painted" is the past participle form of the verb "paint".  "Broken," however, is used as an adjective even though the word itself is a past participle.

In your sentence, "I have talked to you," the verb is "talked".  In your sentence the present perfect tense of a verb is used ("have talked").  "Have talked" consists of the auxiliary verb "have" and the verb (in past participle form} "talked."

The difference between past tense and past participle is:

Past tense is a verb tense - a verb tense expressing action (or a state of being) in the past.

Past participle is a participle - a word that has the characteristics of a verb and an adjective.  A participle expressing completed action would be a past participle  .

In your sentence, "I have talked to you," the past participle (talked) is used as a past tense verb.

In my sentence, "He painted the broken chair," the past participles are painted and broken .  Notice how both words express completed action.  The first past participle is used as a verb, and the second past participle is used as an adjective.  They have different functions in the sentence.

I hope that helps.  Feel free to ask a follow-up if it is still confusing to you.

Happy holidays!


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