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English as a Second Language/difference between "during" and "in".


Hello again Amy

I would like to ask you about the difference between "during" and "in".

In the following sentence, does "during an examination" means from the beginning to the end of the examination? I know that we do not use "in an examination" but I don't know why?

"How do you conduct yourself during an examination?"

Would be obligied if you could make it simple because I need to explain to children.

Many thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

Hello CH,

during is a preposition that means throughout the entire time of an event, or at some time in the course of the event: during the school year, during the test, during the party, during the summer etc

in is a preposition that is used to indicate the location or position within something: in the corner, in the bag, in the drawer etc

For more, please see the very detailed explanations and examples provided by link below:

I hope this helps

Best regards,

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