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and just to finish of amy do you think in your opinion education in america is a whole lot better   people there aswell as europe in my minds eye are a whole lot inquisitive then in england what is your view on that ....is it because education there is far better    and if i were to achieve excellance in full literacy ability i feel i am 75 percent there then how long will it take for me to be at the same level as say a american president?  please advice i'm curious  dillon


unfortunately I can't answer your question about the American educational system vs the British one. I am only familiar with the school system in the US, so I can't really comment or compare.

As far as how long it may take you to reach full proficiency in English - that is a highly individualized aspect and it depends on so many factors - your age, your motivation, your first language, the time you dedicate to reaching your goal etc. I've worked with a lot of ESL learners and for some, English comes almost naturally and they are as close to a native speaker as possible (minus the accent) in a few years, while others struggle for the rest of their lives. Also, some people tend to be excellent spellers/writers and have a hard time speaking the language or the other way around. Predicting the amount of time it would take you to go from 75% to 100% is really not something I can do.

One word of advice if I may - don't set up unrealistic expectations for yourself. In other words, don't think that you have to have a deadline for reaching a certain proficiency level. Progress is made in time and trying to rush things  may not be the best option. Also keep in mind the fact that even native speakers continue to learn for as long as they live simply because English like any other language is a dynamic entity, one that it constantly changing and evolving.

Looking forward to more of your questions.

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