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Sorry, but I have a trouble with understanding what is metaphor in English literature:(
So, can the following sentences be regarded as the example of metaphor?
1)The world is always finding new ways to surprise us.
2)The world rarely changes when we watch to see it happen.
3)Patience has its own rewards.
4)The end may come before we were ready to get there.
5)Venturing into the unknown can lead to great rewards.
6)Some choices leave us running around a lot without really getting anywhere.
7)A window of opportunity can lead to new places if you are willing to take a closer look.
8)The solution to a problem may just require a more thorough look at it.
9)Attention to detail can lead to very rewarding outcomes.
10)Failing down teaches us how to get up and try again.
11)Some choices leave us running around in circles.
12)Some tasks require a lot of care and observation.
13)Understanding problem requires filling in the pieces.
14)Straightforward problems can often require roundabout solutions.
15)Straightforward problems can often require roundabout solutions.
16)Obscure problems may require unusual solutions.
17)Failing to succeed does not mean failing to progress.

Hi, and sorry for the late response!

1, 4, and 10 can be considered personification, a type of metahpor.  They take non-human nouns and treat them as though they were human by applying action verbs (find, come, teach).

6, 7, 11, and 13 are clearly metaphors.  They apply idiomatic expressions that are figurative, like "choices leave us running around" or "take a closer look" or "run around in circles" or "fill in the pieces."

The rest are not metaphors.

Hope that helps!

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