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Hi Amy,

What are the other words that we can use as contrary to the fact besides. If, Wish, Desire, Hope. Thanks and have a great day!


Not sure if I understand your question, but I'll try to answer it - feel free to follow up if you had a different thing in mind.

The subjunctive mood indicates a hypothetical state or a state contrary to reality, such as a wish, a desire, or an imaginary situation.

The subjunctive can be used after phrases like: I wish that, I hope that, I desire that, or I suggest that, whenever you want to emphasize the tentative,or unreal nature of that wish, hope, desire or suggestion.

For ex:
a) I suggest that we leave on Sunday.
b) I wish that all my students were coming to class on time.

a) The day for the departure is a mere suggestion, a hypothetical idea that might or might not materialize. The statement does not necessarily mean that the departure will happen on Sunday.

b) The subjunctive indicates that, in fact, some of my students don't come to class on time. The wish states a desire for an unreal state that does not reflect the current situation.

Again, if this doesn't answer your question, then please give me more specific details so I can be able to better assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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