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Hi Amy,
Greetings. For the question. "Why did he not attend the party?" I would just like to know if the sentence (answer) is valid. I just got a feeling that it's redundant, but maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe because he's sick. "Maybe" is a possibility, and "because"  is a confirmation if it's not interrogative, aren't they?

You can just answer.
Maybe he was sick.
Because he was sick.

Again, this is just what I think. Please help me on this.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


Hi again Bernard,

Hope you are well.

Maybe indicates possibility indeed, and because shows the reason, it's not really a confirmation.

With this in mind:

1. Maybe he was sick - is a perfectly correct answer, it shows you're not sure if he was sick or not, but there is a possibility.

2. Because he was sick - again is correct but only if you are certain he was sick and that was the reason he didn't attend the party.

3. Maybe (it's) because he was sick - all fine in my opinion and again, it shows (just like in # 1 above) that you're thinking that the fact he was sick was the reason he didn't attend, but you can't confirm that. You're only speculating on the reason for his absence.

Let me know if you need to follow up on this question.

Looking forward to more of your questions in the future.


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