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QUESTION: Dear Shannon,

As you know, 'king' is a masculine and 'queen' is feminine, for example. What is the special case or situation, or when can we say "she is a king/the king"?

Best regards,
Antoine Ghannoum

ANSWER: We usually wouldn't.  In doing a quick search for the usage, I saw it used in a disparaging fashion by religious groups when they didn't like a woman taking the role of a man, for example as head of the household.   I have also seen this is in reference to pop star Jacqueline Feilich, who was the only woman recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. as a tribute artist to Elvis Presley.  She would be called "The King" because she is imitating and producing tribute songs to Elvis Presley, whose nickname was "The King."  

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QUESTION: Dear Shannon,

For God's sake, let me when to use 'the' with proper nouns and when not to use it. This very much troubles me and confuses me!

You said above, 'pop star Jacqueline Feilich', and not 'the pop star Jacqueline Feilich'. Why?

Some time ago, I saw the sentence "The artist David Hockney is a master of colour". So, they used 'the'.

Lots of thanks for your continuous guidelines.

Kind regards,
Antoine Ghannoum

You may use "the" here or leave it out.  If the omission confuses you, then go ahead and use "the" because it will not change the meaning.  Leaving out a definite article with one's profession is just a common convention when written in this way.  So, as far as I know, there is no rule here.  It's just an option in this situation.  

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