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I am an international student from Asia. People sometimes greet me with expression I don't understand, such as:

What's up?
What's new?
How's it going?

How can I respond?

Thank you

Hello Joemma,

thank you for your question.

There are several options I can suggest to you that you can use when answering to your friends/peers' greetings:

What's up? or What's new?

Nothing much.
Not much.
Same old.
These three are probably the most popular answers.
You can also rely by saying:
Nothing new.
Hanging in there.
You know, the usual.
The usual.

If you really have something new and interesting going on you can actually answer with some info on that. For example:

I just won the lottery.
I got engaged last week.
I just got a new car.
or anything else along these lines

How's it going?

Good, how's it going for you?
Fine, how about you?
Great, and you?
Terrific, how's it going for you?
So-so, you?
Pretty well, and you?
Good, thank you.
Fine, thanks, and you?
(It's going) great, thanks for asking, how about you?
Not complaining, and you?

Or you can use any other expression derived from the ones above.

I sure hope you'll find the above helpful.

Looking forward to more of your questions, should you require my help again.

Best regards,

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