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I am an international student in the US from Asia. I speak English fairly well, but people sometimes greet me with expressions and I don't know how to respond. These include:

What's up?
What's new?
What' going on?

I know these don't call for a literal answer. It's like "how are you?" calls for "Fine," "OK" or something similar rather than a detailed explanation of one's health.

What is a reasonable way to respond?



Hi Joemma!

I'm an English teacher in Japan, and those particular greetings often cause Japanese people trouble, too!

You're right; you're not actually required to give an "answer" to those questions.  Often just repeating the question back is an appropriate response!

A: "Hey!  What's up?"
B: "Hi!  What's up?"

An interaction like that is often completely natural!  However, there are some pretty standard answers as well:

"Nothing much."
"Nothing special."
"Not much."

The question is asking about any recent and interesting or unusual news in the person's life.  Often, there is nothing unusual, special or especially interesting happening, in which case the above responses are appropriate.

Hope that helps!  Thanks for the great question.

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