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I want to know about the word "uptill".Is uptill a word that we can use while speaking?what does it actually mean?

Hello Amrin,

and thank you for your question.

To the best of my knowledge there is no such word (uptill) in the current language.

Until = 'til = til = till. They mean the same, the last three forms being contractions of the first.

With this in mind, up until = up 'til = up til = up till (as two separate words) and it means so far, yet.

Now, your question made me think actually and while looking for an answer I found the following quote from one of Shakespeare's Sonnets:

She, poor bird, as all forlorn,
Leaned her breast uptill a thorn.

Here "uptill" means against, but again this is a 16th century British English text.

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to more of your questions.

Best regards,  

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