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Hi Shannon,
Can you help me here?

“It appealed to me, hunched over the latest issue . . . drooling at the nuances of ‘handling’ in the macho full-page color repro of the latest Easter-egg de Kooning.”

1. Did he sit in a hunched position on the paper to read it?
2. What is the meaning of doorling?
3. What is the meaning of macho?
4. Did finding little diffrences in handling of the picture make him happy or angry?

Many thanks

1. Yes, but primarily we're focused on the fact that he was so into reading the magazine that he felt a person looking at him would find him in a hunched position.  So the focus is more on the fact that he was very attentive to the magazine.

2. Drooling is what a dog does (people can do it, too) when saliva is so thick that it comes out of the mouth.  Because this happens when we are really desiring to eat something, it is a figurative term for envy or desire

3. "Macho" is a cultural ideal of masculinity and virility.  Here, it lends little to the meaning of the sentence except perhaps that the image's size and color were bold.

4. Since he uses the words "appealed" and "drooling", I would say he was very happy.

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