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QUESTION: Hi again Amy,

My child went to an English course yesterday. It was the first class of a new course. When he walked in the classroom, the English teacher said hello to my son. The teacher said, “I know you. Where did I saw you? The teacher had been a substitute teacher when my son’s teacher was sick. (The course completed one month ago). My son replied, “You saw me in Room 505. I was a MP4B(course no.) student. In this case, how do you reply if you were the student?

Thanks for your help.



good to hear from you again.

Your son's answer to his teacher's question: "Where have I seen you before?" (this would have been a more appropriate way to phrase the question in my opinion) was perfectly fine.

- You saw me in room 505. I was a MP4B student.

Here are some alternative answers though:

- I was a student of Mr(s) X last year/semester/term. You have seen me in his/her class whens/he was sick and you have substituted for him/her.


- I was a taking MP4B last year/semester/term (in room 505) and you were my teacher when my regular teacher/Mr(s) X, my teacher got sick.

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to more of your questions.

Best regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot, Amy.

My son is only 9. He is a non-native English speaking child. I was wondering if you could make your excellent answers more simplier.
Thanks for your self devotion again.

Best Regards,


as I said before, your son's initial answer was excellent given his age and circumstances.

You saw me in room 505. I was a MP4B student.

He can also say:

I was a taking MP4B last year.You were my teacher when Mr(s)X got sick.

Please let me know if this works for you, or I'll think of other ways to help.

Best regards,

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