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Hello I would like to ask two questions
1. can I use the preposition "after" as a preposition of place instead of "past" as in "we live in a house just after the park"?
2. can I use "like" instead of "as .... as" example He's tall like me. Is there a difference?
thank you!

Hello Donatella ,

thank you for your question.

1. You can use "after" as a preposition of place in instances like those in the examples below:

* Shut the door after you
* After you, Sir!
* The boy ran after his brother.
*  Letter D comes after C in the alphabet.

The example you have suggested would not be correct. "We live in a house just behind/past the park" would be the correct sentence here.

In most cases "after" is used to refer to time rather than the place.

2. When you say "He is tall like me." it means that you are a tall person and so is the other person you're talking about ("he" in the sentence) but it doesn't mean that the two of you are equally tall.

When you say "He is as tall as I am." then you imply that the two of you are the same height, but it doesn't mean that you are tall people which is what the previous sentence (He is tall like me.) is stating.

So to answer your question, no you can not use "like" instead of "as...as"

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to more of your interesting questions.

Best regards,  

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