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Hi Amy, I'm back with a few questions:

Would you please clarify what does "ENDURED" mean here?

Since my 1995 visit, Mongolian democracy had endured. The country had held six successful Parliamentary elections.

The second question is about "resource curse". What does "RESOURCE CURSE" actually mean?

It (Mongolia) was going to be pulled into Beijing's orbit and experience the worst excesses of the "resource curse".

And as the final request, please reword this sentence for me (especially "CAUSE I"):

Among them was the prominent artist Ai Weiwei, whose cause I and others championed.



Hossein Saeedi

Hi again Hossein,

one at a time:

1. endured = continued, went on, survived

2. resource curse - see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_curse

3. One of the people was Ai Weiwei, an artist that I and others have supported.

"cause I" doesn't mean anything actually, she's trying to say that she and others are supportive of the "cause" (goals, ideals, convictions) of this artist.

I hope this helps :)


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