English as a Second Language/Meaning help please..


Hi there,

English is my second language and I was reading something but I don't understand one of the lines wrote in the paragraph... Can you help please.. I want to know meaning of this please...

The line is:

"Samuel Is  a classic negotiator and is likely to succeed in a job where he associates himself with trading functions in his profession."

Thank you

Hi Arian and thanks for your question.
A "classic negotiator" is someone with good negotiating skills - someone that speaks well and would be a good salesperson.
"Trading functions" have to do with the buying and selling of stocks - something that is big in a capitalist society.
What the sentence says to me is that because Samuel has good negotiating skills, he will do well in a field that would utilize this skill (such as trading).
The sentence would mean the same thing if it said "Samuel is a good negotiator and would do well in a job like trading that allowed him to utilize these skills.
I hope this helps!

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