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Would you please tell me what does "made it down the aisle in one piece" mean ?

Bill was as emotional as I was, maybe even more so, and I was just glad he made it down the aisle in one piece.

Hello again,

"made it down the aisle in one piece"

I'll split it in parts:

"to make it down the aisle" here means that she was able to participate in her daughter's wedding ceremony

"in one piece" means uninjured, undamaged; or here it means "all right"

So the whole sentence translates into:

"Bill was able to participate in his daughter's wedding and everything was all right, he was able to keep his emotions in check, (he was able to control his emotions)"

I hope this makes sense.

Looking forward to more of your questions Hossein, and once again thank you for your generous ratings and for your feedback.



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