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Dear Amy,
Thanks for your previous help.
Here, "rather" confuses me. I know it has several different meanings. What do you think it does mean?
Many many thanks


"To homological accounts, Lyotard contrasts ‘paralogical’ ones where a variety of often incommensurate approaches are simultaneously taken to different subject matters not assumed to be parts of a unified whole, rather in the way that inventors pragmatically approach specific challenges without trying to unify all the challenges or derive their inventive ideas from universal scientific theories".


I have identified four types o rather in a sentence. Of which type, if any, do you think this mentioned "rather" is?

1. I would rather have tea
2. He became their leader or, rather,their idol
3. He is not a help, rather a hindrance
4. I am rather happy with his work


I think "rather" is used to indicate the author's preference for a particular approach in this context. I'd say it's synonym with "preferably".

I am not sure what you mean by the four types of "rather" in a sentence.

On a side note, that's some heavy duty text you're reading.

I hope this helps.



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