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Hi Amy,

I'm back with one question. Would you please calrify the underlined sentence ?

Thank you

Hossein Saeedi

Hi Hossein,

"Madam Secretary, it won't surprise you, I think, to get the questions you're about to get from me, which all have to do with the elephant in the room that's been dogging us."

"Elephant in the room" is a metaphorical expression in English used to describe an obvious truth that is being ignored or unaddressed. The expression is also used to describe an obvious problem or risk no one wants to talk about.

This obviously comes from the fact that an elephant in a room would be impossible to ignore.

Also a "dogging" issue/problem is a persistent issue/problem; one that won't go away if people just ignore it.

Can you figure out the rest now, Hossein?

Let me know if you still need my help with the rest of the sentence.

Looking forward to more of your interesting questions.


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